Bomar Hatch Rebedding

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Rebedded Hatches on SeaDream winter 2003/2004. Removed all the balsa core, used thickened West System Epoxy to seal core- back beyond the screws that hold the hatch in place (screws now bed into solid epoxy.  No Leaks possible. Sealed using Dow Corning 795 Silicone Building Sealant (White).  This is an extremely good sealant that sticks to fiberglass, metal and plastics.  I used it to bed ALL the Beckson Portlights as well as for the Bomar Hatches.  It has not leaked anywhere since I started using it in 1998 on all 18 portlights.  Use White (pigmented) caulk as it will slow down UV rays which will breakdown caulk quickly if the caulk is clear. When applying caulk to a hatch- ONLY apply to the top side (deck).  Use masking tape on deck for easy clean up.  If you apply to the sides of the hatch- you will never be able to remove it!  (Previous owner did that on my boat- only way I could remove it was to use a Fein Multimaster tool with a flat thin scraper blade- and I had to work it in between the side of the hatch and the deck, moving quickly or the heat generated will reseal the old caulk! Practical Sailor has found this to be an excellent caulk as well (Read here) Another article from the Internet where they used the same caulk (Read here)