P-385 Brochures

From an advertisement in Cruising World in July 1984 the Pearson 385 was touted as a “Space Ship”.  The interior volume and accommodations are still very generous even by today's standards.  While on deck storage is limited, the interior is extremely spacious. Access to all the mechanical systems and engine is excellent, and the overall quality of constructions is superb.  The modern divided underbody is easily driven and gives a comfortable ride. Also included here is a copy of the P-386 brochure. The P-386 is the exact same hull as the P-385 except it is laid out with an aft cockpit. P-385 Brochures P-385 Advertisement P-385 Layout P-385 Cutaway Side View P-385 Profile P-385 Profile & Layout P-386 Brochure P-385 Review 12/2009 Crusing World Classic Plastic P-385 Brochure Short Brochure P-385 Long Brochure Sail Mag Ad P-386 Short & Long Brochures Cruising World Review 12/2009
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